Maths Resources

Maths Teacher Resources – includes printable maths worksheets, hands-on printable maths games, maths activities, maths lesson plans and teaching resources.

Maths Matching and Subitizing Cards

Number Maths Games – Counting and matching numbers game – 1-250, numerals, dots, pictures, words

Maths Vocabulary Words

127 Printable Math Words – Printable words related to maths. Ideal for literacy and math games and reference

Free Friends Of 10

Friends of 10 free download

Printable Number Puzzles or Charts 0-20

Early Learning Printable Maths Puzzles or Charts for numbers 0-20. Use them as number charts or cut up as puzzles.

Printable Tens Frame Cards

Math activities tens frame cards – Ideal for teaching number strategies to 10 and beyond.

Printable Money Games Puzzles

Printable Money Games Puzzles – Children match the written money amount to the coins and notes.

Maths Storyboard / Thinkboard Template

Free Printable Maths Storyboard Template / Thinkboard Templates.

Domino Maths Fact Families

55 Addition and Subtraction fact families represented by dominoes, fact family triangle, and number sentences.

Handwriting Numbers Practice Sheets

Handwriting Numbers Worksheets. Coming In 8 different school fonts. Ideal for numeral form, tracing and fine motor development