Maths Resources

Maths Teacher Resources – includes printable maths worksheets, hands-on printable maths games, maths activities, maths lesson plans and teaching resources.

New Teaching Resources

Maths Equation Baseboards

Maths Activities – Printable baseboards for hands-on maths equation games – ideal for kindergarten, preschool, and early primary maths.

Colour Vocabulary Words

Printable Colour Words – 8 different colours. Ideal as kindergarten, preschool, primary classroom, home bedroom wall charts and display.

Months Of The Year Cards

Months of the Year Cards – Print onto coloured card and laminate for long term use. 2 different sizes.

Printable Days Of The Week Cards

Days of the Week Cards – Print onto different coloured card then laminate. Ideal for routines, morning calendar time.

Printable Number Stencils

Number Stencil Download. Use for bulletin board displays, play dough, tracing, and more.

Printable Ordinal Numbers – 1st to 31st

A set of ordinal number cards to use in the classroom for a range of number activities.

Pocket Money Board Game

Printable Pocket Money Board Game Children gather and spend pocket money as they work their way around the board – keeping tabs as they go. INCLUDES PAPER PURSE TEMPLATE Includes a version for dollars and cents and another for pounds and pence.

Place Value Charts / Numerals And Spinners

Place Value Charts, Number Cards and Spinners Terrific visual way to teach place value – using the overlay approach (see ideas for use) Includes black and white version

Printable Number Line

Printable Number Line with numerals and words from 0 – 124. Odd and Even Numbers colour coded with large print.

Printable Tangram Puzzles

Printable Tangram Puzzles. Includes tangram base pattern, 14 different tangram patterns, solutions and activities

25 x Attribute Mats

25 attribute mats with 5 different colours / colors of 5 different attributes animals transport shapes numbers fruit

Printable Maths Games Spinners

Printable Math Games Spinners Includes Blank spinner templates to make up your own math spinners Blank Spinners Additions Spinners Telling the Time Spinners Place Value Spinners Children spin and answer the math question straight out, or spin and show, using manipulatives or diagrams to display the answer

Printable Board Games

Printable Board Games – game board templates. 4 different game board template styles to print.

Printable Numbers Chart 1-20

Printable Numbers Chart – Numeral, Words, Amount. Ideal for kindergarten, preschool, primary wall display and maths activities.

FREE Left and Right Hands Chart

Left Right Hands – Ideal to place on children’s desks or a larger version at the front of the room on the wall.

Printable Number Writing Rhymes 0-9

Number Writing Rhymes – children practise writing numbers while chanting the rhyme – includes ideas for use.

8 x Game Spinner Templates

A set of spinners to use for any type of game and activity instead of the traditional dice.

Days and Weather Chart

Days of the Week and Weather Chart Spinners A4 size is ideal for small groups and on the wall or fridge at home. Enlarge to A3 or poster size for bigger groups. Ideal for simple calendar time. Matching Weather chart symbols, and Weather Words 

4 x Individual Seasons Posters

Seasons Charts – Wording and months appropriate to AUS, US and UK seasons.

Printable Deskmat

Printable Deskmat – Ideal for Back to School. Includes Alphabet, Name, Left Right, Number Grid.