Partitioning 2 Digit Numbers Worksheet

A place value worksheet to help children understand partitioning of numbers and the importance of grouping in tens.


  • Ideal to use as an independent activity or as part of your numeracy rotations.
  • Students partition 2 digit numbers to identify the number of tens and ones.

How to use this resource:

  • Print a copy for each child to complete and paste into their workbooks.
  • Alternatively, print off a class set and laminate. Store in an easy access box for children to complete with removable markers during numeracy rotations.
  • Encourage children to split each 2 digit number into tens and ones.
  • What comes next? – Ask the children to make each 2 digit number using pop sticks, representing each number in bundles of tens and ones.

This worksheet is also available as ‘Tens and Units’.

Please select ‘Ten and Ones’ or ‘Tens and Units’ from the download options below.


Tens and Ones

Tens and Units

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