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New Teaching Resources

Middle Sound CVC Worksheets

A set of five middle sound CVC worksheets for each vowel.

Word Families Chart

A word families chart to display and use when teaching phonics.

My Sight Word Fact Sheet

Ideal to use during literacy group rotations or as part of a homework activity. A generic worksheet for children to use when learning their sight words. How to use this resource: Print a black and white version of the worksheet and provide each child with the worksheet to use as part of a classroom task or […]

Natural and Man-Made Materials Vocabulary Words

21 Natural and Man-Made Materials Vocabulary Word Cards with Pictures.

Is It a Noun? Yes or No Question Cards

A set of noun themed yes or no question cards.

Nursery Rhyme Full Title Word Cards

Full title cards for 13 different nursery rhymes to use in activities and displays.

Nursery Rhyme Title Word Cards

Individual Title word cards for children to make up the Title for each Nursery Rhyme using the word cards.

Nursery Rhyme Picture Cards

Picture cards representing 13 nursery rhymes in colour and black and white.

Final Consonant Blends Charts

Printable Consonant Blends – Picture charts and matching words for final blends.

Days of the Week Display

A bright display for children to refer to during morning routines or when learning the days of the week.

Animal Offspring – Printable Concept Book

A printable concept book for children to learn the names of animals and their offspring and become authors and illustrators of their own little books.

Place Value Puzzle

A puzzle to help children learn about two-digit numbers and their representations.

2D Shapes Word Wall

Word wall cards showing the name and picture of common 2D shapes.

Individual Alphabet Flip Book

Individual alphabet flip books for children to develop their letter/sound recognition.

Reading Strategies Bookmark

A bookmark to help your students remember the strategies they can use when reading.

0 – 20 Number, Word, Picture & Array Posters

Posters representing numbers 1-20 using the word, number, pictures and array.

Bug Number Matching Game

A bug number matching game using numbers 1-10.

Ice Cream Counting Game

An ice cream counting game using numbers 1-20.

We Wish you a Merry Christmas Song

We Wish you a Merry Christmas Song or Rhyme Lyrics and Sentence / Word Rebuilding Activities….. Includes: A4 full rhyme page, Large Print pages, Large Print sentence/line cut out pages, Large Print word cut out pages. Add to your Rhyme Activity Box (collection of all of our rhymes laminated and cut up for children to […]

What are we learning today

What are we learning today? Why is this important? Our goal for this week is…