Teaching Resources

New Teaching Resources

Day and Night, Night and Day Worksheet

A worksheet that compares day and night.

20 Better Words for Fun

20 Better Words for Fun to use as a writing reference and for class discussions.

Balloons Birthday Chart

Display your students’ birthdays on this gorgeous balloon birthday chart!

The More We Get Together

A poster of the well-known greeting song.

Multi-Purpose Student Tags

A page of 16 wonderfully illustrated, multi-purpose tags!

Merry Christmas Gift Tags

A selection of beautifully illustrated Christmas gift tags.

Day and Night Template

A cut and paste activity to use when exploring the differences between day and night.

Changing Seasons Posters

A poster that shows the characteristics of each season.

Sink or Float Poster

A poster and T chart to use when exploring whether objects sink or float.

Minibeast Nature Hunt

A worksheet to help identify living things.

Comparing a Tadpole with a Froglet

An H-Diagram to compare two life stages of frogs.

Colors of the Rainbow Poster

Ideal to use in the classroom when learning about colors.

Halloween Page Biter Bookmarks

A selection of crazy Halloween characters to shade in and assemble as nifty bookmarks.

Alien Counting Activity

3 number worksheets designed to make counting fun.

Days of the Week Template

A template to use when learning and ordering the days of the week.

Remember to Write Your Name Poster

A poster to remind children to write their name on their work.

The Life Stages of a Butterfly Poster

An informative poster that shows the life stages of a butterfly.

Row of 4 Game

A fun game to encourage critical thinking skills.

Comic Strip Writing Prompt

An illustrated comic strip to use as a writing prompt and a blank comic strip.

Consonant Blends Beehive Sorting Activity

A set of 12 beehives with corresponding bee word cards for the consonant blends – fl, tr, br, cr, fr, cl, dr, sl, st, bl, gl, sc.