Teaching Resources

New Teaching Resources

Expandable Santa Christmas Card Template

A Santa Christmas Card with a choice of three messages.

Sight Word Splash

A fun sight word game for children to play in the classroom.

Hamburger Writing Template

A writing template to help children when structuring text types.

Using Capital Letters Poster – Australian Places Version

A poster to display in the classroom to encourage children to use capital letters correctly when writing.

Character Profile Template

A template to use in the classroom when creating character profiles.

End of Year Reflection Worksheet

A worksheet for children to record their most loved recollections from the past year.

Is It a Verb? Yes or No Question Cards

A set of verb themed yes or no question cards.

The Creative Writing Prompt Jar

30 writing prompts for children to use when creating imaginative texts.

Using Capital Letters Poster

A poster to display in the classroom to encourage children to use capital letters correctly.

Place Value Mat

A place value mat to use as a warm-up activity to help students explore the place value of different numbers.

My Weekly Reading Log

A weekly reading log for children to respond to a range of texts using different comprehension strategies.

Maths Vocabulary Word Cards

92 Printable Maths Vocabulary Word Cards covering a range of topics in Mathematics.

Rhyming Word Cards

Rhyming Word Cards – Ideal as a literacy groups rhyming activity. Can be cut up into a puzzle – 40 different rhyming patterns with 3 words each.

Name Identification Worksheet

An activity to help children learn the letters in their name.

Fast Finisher Task Cards

A set of 16 fast finisher task cards for children to work on once they have finished their set work.

Peer Scavenger Hunt Worksheet

Ideal to use as a back to school activity. Children record the name of at least one peer for each box. How to use this resource Print off a worksheet for each child in the class. Allocate time for the children to move around the classroom, asking their peers questions to find at least one […]

Text Connectives Display Posters

A puzzle themed set of posters to display and use in the classroom when learning about text connectives.

Investigation Area – Poster and Display Signs

A set of cut-out signs and a poster to create an investigation area in the classroom.

My Name – Printable Concept Book

A printable concept book for children to recognise the letters in their name, spell their name correctly and become authors and illustrators of their own little books.