Teaching Resources

New Teaching Resources

Fruit Themed Attribute Sorting Pictures

A set of 9 fruit themed attribute pictures for children to use when sorting and classifying familiar objects.

Tens Frame Match Up!

A fun game to help children count and connect number names, numerals and quantities.

Place Value Roll

A fun place value game to help children represent two-digit numbers as tens and ones.

British Money Puzzle

23 different British money puzzles to help children identify British coins and make simple calculations involving money.

American Money Puzzle

21 American money puzzles to help students identify coins and make simple calculations involving money.

Odd and Even Numbers – Cut and Paste Bucket Worksheet

A worksheet to use when identifying and sorting odd and even numbers from 1 to 20.

Odd and Even Numbers – Apple Tree Worksheet

A worksheet to identify and record odd and even numbers.

Odd and Even Number Posters

Two posters displaying what odd and even numbers end with.

British Money Posters

British money teaching resource – includes a poster for each coin and note.

American Money Posters

American money teaching resource – includes a poster for each coin and note.

13 Nursery Rhymes Sequencing Cards

13 nursery rhymes that have words and picture cards for sequencing activities.

Different Climates – Printable Concept Book

A printable concept book for children to learn the different climates around the world and become authors and illustrators of their own little books.

Middle Sound CVC Worksheets

A set of five middle sound CVC worksheets for each vowel.

Word Families Chart

A word families chart to display and use when teaching phonics.

My Sight Word Fact Sheet

Ideal to use during literacy group rotations or as part of a homework activity. A generic worksheet for children to use when learning their sight words. How to use this resource: Print a black and white version of the worksheet and provide each child with the worksheet to use as part of a classroom task or […]

Natural and Man-Made Materials Vocabulary Words

21 Natural and Man-Made Materials Vocabulary Word Cards with Pictures.

Is It a Noun? Yes or No Question Cards

A set of noun themed yes or no question cards.

Nursery Rhyme Full Title Word Cards

Full title cards for 13 different nursery rhymes to use in activities and displays.

Nursery Rhyme Title Word Cards

Individual Title word cards for children to make up the Title for each Nursery Rhyme using the word cards.

Nursery Rhyme Picture Cards

Picture cards representing 13 nursery rhymes in colour and black and white.