Follow the Feet - Physical Fitness Game

Follow the Feet is a fun activity designed to get children up and moving!

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How to prepare this teaching resource:

  • Download the PDF and print out the feet.
  • Laminate the feet before sticking them on the ground for added durability.
  • To make them more durable, stick them on to a thick piece of cardboard. Alternatively, you could trace the feet on to the concrete using chalk.

How to use this teaching resource:

  • Print out the feet and place them on the group in various different patterns. Children need to jump on the feet in the same direction that they are placed on the ground.
  • Extend students by asking them to say the colour of the feet they are landing on or the direction – left, right, sideways etc.


A4 Paper Size

U.S. Letter Paper Size

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  • What a fantastic physical fitness game! “Follow the Feet” is such a creative and engaging way to get students moving and active. I can already envision the excitement and laughter that this game would bring to my classroom.

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    Engaging in regular physical exercise not only promotes physical fitness but also has a positive impact on mental health, improving mood and reducing stress. By incorporating activities like “Follow the Feet” into our lesson plans, we can contribute to the overall well-being of our students.

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