General and Display Resources

General Teaching Resources – more teaching resources for kindergarten, preschool, early elementary and primary school.

New Teaching Resources

How Are You Feeling Today? Emotions Template

A template to help students express how they’re feeling today.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen! Sun Safety Posters

A funky poster to teach students how to apply sunscreen.

How to Be a Good Friend Poster

A cute poster to give advice on how to be a good friend.

Balloons Birthday Chart

Display your students’ birthdays on this gorgeous balloon birthday chart!

Colors of the Rainbow Poster

Ideal to use in the classroom when learning about colors.

Halloween Page Biter Bookmarks

A selection of crazy Halloween characters to shade in and assemble as nifty bookmarks.

Days of the Week Template

A template to use when learning and ordering the days of the week.

Remember to Write Your Name Poster

A poster to remind children to write their name on their work.

Feelings on a Stick Template

Six common feelings and emotions expressed on boy and girl face templates, to use when learning about communicating and managing emotions.

Color Mixing Poster

A poster to show how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors.

Noughts and Crosses Game

A well-known game for 2 players that encourages logical thinking.

Whole Body Listening Poster and Worksheet

A fun, colourful poster that explains whole body listening and accompanying worksheet to consolidate knowledge and understanding.

Wash Your Hands – Poster

A poster to display in the classroom or close to a hand washing area to encourage children to wash their hands thoroughly.

Ladybird Page Borders

A colourful collection of ladybird page borders.

The Right Hand, Left Hand Song

A poster to display and use in the classroom when teaching children right and left.

Two Stars and a Wish Worksheet

A worksheet for children to reflect and record what they like about their work and how they can improve.

3-2-1 Exit Ticket

An exit ticket to use at the end of a lesson to help children reflect on their learning.

Expandable Reindeer Christmas Card Template

A Reindeer Christmas Card with a choice of three messages.

Expandable Christmas Tree Christmas Card Template

A Christmas Tree Christmas Card with a choice of three messages.

Expandable Angel Christmas Card Template

An Angel Christmas Card with a choice of three messages