Science Resources

Science teaching resources to use in your classroom with K to Grade 3 students.

New Teaching Resources

Life Cycle of a Chicken Poster

A poster to display when learning about the life cycle of a chicken.

The Night Sky – Worksheet

A worksheet to use when learning about the night sky.

Seasonal Changes Worksheet

A worksheet to help students observe seasonal changes.

Living or Non-living? Worksheet

A worksheet to help sort between living and non-living things.

Day and Night, Night and Day Worksheet

A worksheet that compares day and night.

Day and Night Template

A cut and paste activity to use when exploring the differences between day and night.

Changing Seasons Posters

A poster that shows the characteristics of each season.

Sink or Float Poster

A poster and T chart to use when exploring whether objects sink or float.

Minibeast Nature Hunt

A worksheet to help identify living things.

Comparing a Tadpole with a Froglet

An H-Diagram to compare two life stages of frogs.

The Life Stages of a Butterfly Poster

An informative poster that shows the life stages of a butterfly.