Day and Night Template

A cut and paste activity to use when exploring the differences between day and night.

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  • Ideal to use in the classroom as a craft activity related to day and night.
  • The children have the option of colouring their own pictures or using the colour version of the template.

How to use this resource

  • Provide the children with a Day and Night Template.
  • Page one of the template is a nighttime scene of the inside of a bedroom with three sets of windows. Assist the children to fold this page as a double door format i.e. fold the outside edges to the centre to form two flaps with the nighttime scene hidden below. The top flaps will form a daytime scene.
  • Ask the children to cut out the pictures of the clouds, sun, child in bed, kite, owl and house.
  • Ask the children to sort the pictures into those associated with nighttime and those associated with daytime.
  • The children colour the pictures (if using the black and white version) and glue them appropriately. The owl and house can be stuck into any of the nighttime windows. The sun could be placed across the two flaps and cut through the middle so that the flaps open. A tail could be drawn on the kite.
  • What comes next? Brainstorm other things you would be likely to see at night or in the daytime.


Black and white


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