Natural and Built Materials Vocabulary Word Cards

21 Natural and Built Materials Vocabulary Word Cards with Pictures.

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  • 21 vocabulary words to use when learning about natural and built materials.
  • Ideal to use as a word wall, as part of a classroom display or for subject related word games.
  • Words include: chalk, coal, cotton, gold, iron, leather, oil, sand, silk, wood, wool, aluminum, brick, ceramic, concrete, glass, nylon, paper, plastic, synthetic rubber and steel.
  • Four blank cards have been included to record additional words.

How to use this resource:

  • Download the resource then print it out. Cut and laminate the title poster and each of the vocabulary word cards.
  • Use the poster and the word cards to create a classroom display.
  • Alternatively, use the cards in a game where students have to identify if the material is natural or built.
  • What’s next? – Choose a material from the word cards to research as a class. Identify if the material is natural or built, then investigate the process of how the resource is used to make different products.


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- Zaner-Bloser

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