Solar System Facts Charts

Solar System Facts – Printable Chart of Planets and Facts for Kids, Teachers, Parents – Ideal for School Project Ideas.

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Solar System Facts

Printable Chart of Planets and Facts.
  • A simple reference for kids, Teachers and Parents –
  • Ideal for School Project Ideas.


Solar System Facts - D'Nealian

Solar System Facts - Zaner-Bloser

Solar System Facts Less Black - D'Nealian

Solar System Facts Less Black - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • These look great as A3 size laminated charts – choice of printing black background or cut and paste onto black card
  • Ideal as general facts reference for Space Theme or Solar System Theme – All the major facts about each planet are listed.
  • Great reference for solar system school project ideas
  • Great for introducing how to present information using ‘notes’ or ‘points’ form.
  • Don’t forget you can make these charts smaller if you like by popping your printer on 2in1 pages or smaller.
  • Use the charts as a reference for writing interesting facts about a chosen planet using the ‘Interesting Facts about…….’ Concept Book, as a class or individually.
  • Use the charts for children to double check the facts against what reference books say from the library…

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