Life Cycle of a Frog - Cut and Paste Worksheet

A cut and paste worksheet using the life cycle of a frog.

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How to prepare this teaching resource:

  • Print a copy of the cut and paste worksheet for each student.
  • Alternatively, you could create a class set by printing a smaller number of copies on thicker cardboard and adding velcro dots for students to add the pictures to the life cycle. These could be reused again.
  • An answer sheet has been provided.

How to use this teaching resource:

  • Students can use this worksheet when learning about life cycles.
  • Students are required to cut out the pictures at the bottom of the worksheet and glue them in the correct place on the life cycle diagram.

Differentiation Ideas:

  • Provide students who require further assistance with a copy of the Life Cycle of a Frog Poster to refer to.
  • You could also remove the words under the pictures before copying and have students write the stages in themselves, before gluing the picture to the life cycle diagram.

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