Free Teacher Resources

Free Teacher Resources – includes not only free printable worksheets, but free hands-on printable resources also!

New Teaching Resources

Stroller/Pram/Buggy Parking Poster

Posters to indicate where the stroller/pram/buggy parking area is.

Printable Masks for Children – Easter Bunny

A printable mask for students to cut out and wear when at Easter time.

3 x Picture Sudoku Puzzles – Buttons

A set of 3 picture Sudoku puzzles using coloured buttons.

Multi-Purpose Student Tags

A page of 16 wonderfully illustrated, multi-purpose tags!

Halloween Page Biter Bookmarks

A selection of crazy Halloween characters to shade in and assemble as nifty bookmarks.

Days of the Week Template

A template to use when learning and ordering the days of the week.

Row of 4 Game

A fun game to encourage critical thinking skills.

Picnic Vocabulary Match-Up Activity

A set of 15 vocabulary cards and matching pictures in a picnic theme.

Mother’s Day Bookmarks

A selection of beautiful Mother’s Day bookmarks to colour in and to give as a gift.

Fruit Pie Fractions – Worksheet

A creative way to learn about fractions by building a perfect fruit pie.

The Right Hand, Left Hand Song

A poster to display and use in the classroom when teaching children right and left.

Two Stars and a Wish Worksheet

A worksheet for children to reflect and record what they like about their work and how they can improve.

Free Use your Voice for Kindness Charts

FREE Use your Voice for Kindness Charts I saw this ‘saying’ the other day and just had to make up some little charts – such a lovely way to approach life… Enjoy !

Free Yes or No Fairy Tale Questions

Yes or No – Fairy Tales Questions Loads of FUN Themed Questions for Yes or No Answers…. This is a FAVOURITE for many of our LITTLIES…

Winter Olympic Sports Vocabulary Words

Printable Winter Olympic Sports Picture and Word Cards.

Free Pencil Hold Rhyme Poster

Pencil hold rhyme poster showing the best way to pick up and hold a pencil for handwriting through a little rhyme / rap.

Free Blank Multiplication Chart

Blank Multiplication Chart or grid – Children fill in the blank chart, then colour all the number patterns.

Free Self Esteem in the Classroom – The NED Show

Self Esteem and Team Building in the Classroom… Based on The Ned Show 3 x Printable A4 Posters