Free Teacher Resources

Free Teacher Resources – includes not only free printable worksheets, but free hands-on printable resources also!

Olympic Games Word Search

A fun word search using vocabulary related to the Olympic Games.

5 x Nursery Rhyme Colouring Pages

5 cute colouring pages from popular nursery rhymes.

Stroller/Pram/Buggy Parking Poster

Posters to indicate where the stroller/pram/buggy parking area is.

Printable Masks for Children – Easter Bunny

A printable mask for students to cut out and wear when at Easter time.

3 x Picture Sudoku Puzzles – Buttons

A set of 3 picture Sudoku puzzles using coloured buttons.

Multi-Purpose Student Tags

A page of 16 wonderfully illustrated, multi-purpose tags!

Halloween Page Biter Bookmarks

A selection of crazy Halloween characters to shade in and assemble as nifty bookmarks.

Days of the Week Template

A template to use when learning and ordering the days of the week.

Row of 4 Game

A fun game to encourage critical thinking skills.

Picnic Vocabulary Match-Up Activity

A set of 15 vocabulary cards and matching pictures in a picnic theme.

Mother’s Day Bookmarks

A selection of beautiful Mother’s Day bookmarks to colour in and to give as a gift.

Fruit Pie Fractions – Worksheet

A creative way to learn about fractions by building a perfect fruit pie.

The Right Hand, Left Hand Song

A poster to display and use in the classroom when teaching children right and left.

Two Stars and a Wish Worksheet

A worksheet for children to reflect and record what they like about their work and how they can improve.

Free Yes or No Fairy Tale Questions

Yes or No – Fairy Tales Questions Loads of FUN Themed Questions for Yes or No Answers…. This is a FAVOURITE for many of our LITTLIES…

Winter Olympic Sports Vocabulary Words

Printable Winter Olympic Sports Picture and Word Cards.