Fruit Pie Fractions - Worksheet

A creative way to learn about fractions by building a perfect fruit pie.

  • Ideal to use in the classroom when learning about simple fractions.  A colour and black and white version have been provided.  In addition, a simplified version has been included for children with lower Numeracy levels.

How to use this resource

  • Select and download the colour or black and white version, at the required level.
  • Provide the children with a yellow, blue, green, red and orange crayon.
  • Ask the children to colour the whole pie in yellow to represent the custard.
  • Ask the children to follow the directions and to add the different fillings to the given fractions of the pie.
  • What comes next? – create a colourful classroom display.


Black and White - Comic Sans

Black and White -simplified version - Comic Sans

Colour - Comic Sans

Colour - simplified version - Comic Sans

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