About Us

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the brand new K-3 Teacher Resources website.

This new website signifies the beginning of a new era for K-3. An era that we hope will add tremendous value to your subscription!

Many of you will have emailed or chatted with Donna in the past. She has been the sole driving force bringing you the amazing resources and advice that has typified K-3.

However, the time was right for Donna to hand over the reigns to a passionate and dedicated team who are enthusiastic about pushing K-3 forward.

We’re really excited about creating new resources and can’t wait to share them with you!

Changes to Subscriptions

With the launch of the new website, we have revised the subscription plans we offer.

You can now sign up for a Free Account or a Premium Plan.

The Free Account will always be free, and allows you to download all samples and free resources on the website.

The Premium Plan will be one low fee for 12 months access, and allows you to download everything on the website.

The New Website

The new website has been designed around one core idea… simplicity!

We have streamlined the website, making it even easier for you to find and download the resources you need and help save time preparing for class.

If you have any questions about the new look K-3, please contact us by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right hand corner and one of our helpful team will reply soon.

Thanks for being a part of K-3!

The new K-3 Team

From the original founder…

Welcome to you all – My name is Donna Cox and I basically run K-3TeacherResources.com (with help from a few terrific little mice) from my home in sunny Aussie.

I live with my unique, wonderful partner, my 2 delicious boys, and a very cuddly cat named Strudel and a very spoilt dog named Coco. They are the light of my life, the fire in my soul and often the cause of exhaustion!!!! I also have 3 beaut sisters, 3 very grown up nieces, and 2 super nephews…

My Husband has sailing in his blood and I am sure if he had not met me – he would be out sailing the seven seas with a long beard and a bottle of rum somewhere……. Alas he now is required to put his sailing blood to work.

You will often find us camped out somewhere remote(ish), taking in nature at it’s best – last time we went – My older boy also caught his first fish (yes, I felt tears welling up, why does that happen to Mothers?) – he was very proud and so was I……thanks Uncle Alan!

k-3-teacher-resources-waterApart from camping, I love playing squash with my squash buddies and discovering new storage at Ikea (hee hee). My husband and eldest boy love ‘tinkering’ in ‘the shed’ (their latest project is the camper trailer – of course it needs more bits and pieces – whatever!), while my youngest boy is a reader – give him a ‘Captain Underpants’ book and he is as happy as larry (after we have pulled him away from the computer!)

Ok, back to the theme at hand – My Teaching Journey began after completing a Bachelor of Education – Early Childhood Degree in 1987. Right from the start, my passion has been for the Early Years and I continued to teach grades 1-2 over the next 10 years with a few breaks in between.

I have always been one of those Teachers who puts ‘everything’ into ‘everything’ wanting to achieve ‘everything’ for ‘every’ child. Consequently, burnout occurred and with much sadness I took a break from Teaching.

k-3-teacher-resources-campingTeaching was my absolute passion and I still desired to be involved with the education process, where my heart lay. So began my exciting journey of teacher resource development and ideas and also – Motherhood…..

What a journey this has been so far – I am just so thankful I have been able to find that life balance once again. Through the internet I have been able to continue my passion for Teaching and developing resources which actually make a difference to people’s lives. What a privilege to be able to be a part of others’ lives all over the world like that – Thank You!

At the same time I am able to be at home with my beautiful family, and although it is tough to juggle the many ‘hats’ I try to remember to think and see with my HEART every day and remember just how fortunate I am.

Please don’t try to be ‘everything’ to ‘every’ child – be ‘everything’ to yourself and your family first and the rest will come……you don’t need to be their saviour just their gentle guide…

Thank You so much for all your wonderful support for K-3 Teacher Resources over the last few years. We look forward to making our little site one of the very best in Early Childhood for You all across the World!

Best Regards

Donna and Her Gorgeous Crew !

Please yell if we can help at all at any time!