Teaching Resources

New Teaching Resources

Ants on the Apple Poster

A fun alphabet phonics poem.

Memory Matching Game

A fun memory game that encourages picture and word recognition, language skills and social skills.

BECAUSE Mnemonic Poster

A poster to help children to spell the word ‘because’.

Multiplication Fact Rockets

A set of multiplication fact cards in a rocket theme to use as a classroom display or to make multiplication fact keyrings.

Color Mixing Poster

A poster to show how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors.

Beat the Blast Off Game

A fun game to play with a partner to develop reading and spelling of CVC, CVVC and CCVC words.

Noughts and Crosses Game

A well-known game for 2 players that encourages logical thinking.

100 Grid Activity

A 3 page 100 grid activity that can be used in multiple ways.

Mother’s Day Bookmarks

A selection of beautiful Mother’s Day bookmarks to colour in and to give as a gift.

Fruit Pie Fractions – Worksheet

A creative way to learn about fractions by building a perfect fruit pie.

Whole Body Listening Poster and Worksheet

A fun, colourful poster that explains whole body listening and accompanying worksheet to consolidate knowledge and understanding.

I Have A Little Frog Poem

A fun poem with accompanying large-print pages, cut-out/rebuild pages and a task card.

Base Ten Blocks Dice Activity

A fun way to explore the use of base ten blocks to build two-digit numbers.

A or An Poster

A colourful poster to display in the classroom when learning about how and when to use A and An.

Contractions Concertina Activity

A fun, visual activity to use when learning about grammar and contractions.

Bunny Number Matching Activity

A fun activity for children to use when learning how to connect and match number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, up to 10.

My Tens Frames

A tens frames mat to use when children are learning about basic number facts.

How Many Flies Did Each Frog Eat? Picture Graph

A worksheet to use when learning about picture graphs.

Wash Your Hands – Poster

A poster to display in the classroom or close to a hand washing area to encourage children to wash their hands thoroughly.

Summer Sports – Concept Book

A printable concept book for children to identify summer sports and to become authors and illustrators of their own little books.