Adjective Sentence Making Cards

A set of cards to use when making sentences to describe different animals.

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How to prepare this teaching resource:

  • Print each page on thicker card for added durability.
  • Individually cut out each card.

How to use this teaching resource:

  • Provide each child or literacy group with a set of cards.
  • Children pick three cards (one article card, one adjective card, one noun card) to complete a sentence, for example, ‘The/silly/monkey’, ‘A/hungry/monkey’, or ‘An/adorable/monkey’.
  • Children identify if the sentence they have chosen should start with the word ‘The’, ‘A’ or ‘An’, depending on the adjective they have selected.
  • Children may like to mix up the cards to create a silly sentence.


  • Encourage the children to read their sentences to a partner.
  • Ask the children to record their sentences into their books with a matching illustration.
  • Provide children with a blank set of cards (included in this download) for children to create their own sentences. Add their cards to add to the class set.


- Comic Sans

- D'Nealian

- NSW Foundation

- QLD Beginners

- SA Beginners

- Sassoon Infant

- TAS Beginners

- Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

- Zaner-Bloser

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