Maths Resources

Maths Teacher Resources – includes printable maths worksheets, hands-on printable maths games, maths activities, maths lesson plans and teaching resources.

Odd and Even Numbers – Apple Tree Worksheet

A worksheet to identify and record odd and even numbers.

Odd and Even Number Posters

Two posters displaying what odd and even numbers end with.

British Money Posters

British money teaching resource – includes a poster for each coin and note.

American Money Posters

American money teaching resource – includes a poster for each coin and note.

Place Value Puzzle

A puzzle to help children learn about two-digit numbers and their representations.

2D Shapes Word Wall

Word wall cards showing the name and picture of common 2D shapes.

0 – 20 Number, Word, Picture & Array Posters

Posters representing numbers 1-20 using the word, number, pictures and array.

Bug Number Matching Game

A bug number matching game using numbers 1-10.

Ice Cream Counting Game

An ice cream counting game using numbers 1-20.

Doubles Maths Chart

Doubles Maths Chart Ideal to pop on the wall for reference Also can be all cut up and children put back together again (cut it up into doubles chunks, or even into individual squares)

Five Fat Sausages Rhyme

Five Fat Sausages Chart and Sentence Reconstruction Lyrics and Sentence / Word Rebuilding Activities….. Includes: A4 full rhyme page, Large Print pages, Large Print sentence/line cut out pages, Large Print word cut out pages. Ideal for combining early number with literacy.

Shape Puzzles

80 Shape Puzzles Includes: 20 circle puzzles with different cuts 20 triangle puzzles with different cuts 20 square puzzles with different cuts 20 rectangle puzzle with different cuts Glue felt onto back after lamination – then cut out – this will help the pieces to stay in place and not slide around as the children […]

Fraction Charts

Circle and Bar Fraction Charts Includes a chart for one whole, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8. Display the charts as a reference for children when learning about fractions. What comes next? – Print, cut and laminate a class set for children to match up and put together.  

3 Levels of Telling Time Puzzles

Telling time puzzles – printable puzzles for teaching time – includes 3 levels, digital, analogue and words matching.

How Many Legs? Concept Book

How Many Legs Concept Book – children author and illustrate this little book about things that have 2, 4, 6 , 8 legs.

Position Concept Book

Position words printable concept book – children use position words to find the little mouse.

Australian Money Posters

Australian money teaching resources – includes a poster for each coin and note, and coin and note image sheets for printing.

Sorting, Attribute and Patterning Sets

Over 250 attribute pictures to classify, sort, pattern – using 3×3 attributes – category type, size, colour.

Printable Desktop Number Line

Printable number line to 20 – Ideal to pop on children’s desk for reference and number work.

Printable Blank Calendars

Printable calendars in colour and black and white – can use any year as children can fill in dates and year.