I Can Count To Ten Activity

A fun way to teach children how to count to ten on a 0-10 number grid.

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Use this resource when teaching children how to count to ten on a 0-10 grid. This resource is ideal to use as a small group activity.

How to use this resource:

  • Download the font required for your class.
  • Print and laminate the grids.
  • Cut the numbers from the bottom of each grid and keep them safe in separate clip lock bags.
  • Attach hook and lock velcro dots to the squares of the grid and the number cards (optional).
  • Ask the children to use the number cards to fill in the gaps on the 0-10 grid.
  • Rotate the boards around the small group.
  • Use the blank number board to consolidate writing and ordering of numbers 0-10.




Black and White - Comic Sans

Black and white - Open Dyslexic

black and white - D'Nealian

Black and white - NSW Foundation

Black and white - QLD Beginners

Black and White - SA Beginners

Black and White - Sassoon Infant

Black and white - TAS Beginners

Black and White - Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

Black and white - Zaner-Bloser

Colour - Comic Sans

Colour - Open Dyslexic

Colour - D'Nealian

Colour - NSW Foundation

colour - QLD Beginners

Colour - SA Beginners

Colour - Sassoon Infant

colour - TAS Beginners

colour - Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

colour - Zaner-Bloser

Low Colour - Comic Sans

Low colour - Open Dyslexic

Low Colour - D'Nealian

Low colour - NSW Foundation

Low colour - QLD Beginners

Low colour - SA Beginners

Low colour - Sassoon Infant

Low colour - TAS Beginners

Low colour - Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

Low colour - Zaner-Bloser

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Comments & Reviews

  • What a cute and fun activity for the little ones. Thank you!!!

    Comment by Thuy on August 6, 2018 at 9:36 am

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