Using Partitioning to Add Two-Digit Numbers Worksheet

A partitioning worksheet to help children understand that two-digit numbers are comprised of tens and ones/units.


  • Ideal to use as an independent activity or as part of your numeracy rotations.
  • Students use partitioning to find the total of two two-digit numbers.

How to use this resource:

  • Print a copy for each child to complete and paste into their workbooks.
  • Alternatively, print off a class set and laminate. Store in an easy access box for children to complete with removable markers during numeracy rotations.
  • Encourage children to split each two-digit number into tens and ones/units, then add the number of tens and the number of ones/units together to get the total.
  • What comes next? – Ask the children to use pop sticks to represent the partitioning of each equation.


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