Number of the Day Worksheet

A number of the day worksheet to use as a warm-up activity at the start of any numeracy lesson.

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  • Ideal to use as a warm-up activity at the start of your numeracy lesson or to assign as an independent or rotational group task.
  • Children record different place value facts for the chosen number of the day.

How to use this resource:

  • Download and print a copy of the Number of the Day Worksheet for each child in the class.
  • Depending on the ability level of your class, record a one-, two- or three-digit number on the board.
  • Children then complete the worksheet using the chosen number of the day.

Referring to the number of the day, the children use their worksheet to identify and record:

  • the number in word form and numeral form
  • if the number is odd or even
  • the place value of each digit
  • a number greater than and a number less than the given number
  • an amount of money that totals the given number
  • a number sentence where the given number is the answer.

A black and white version of this maths resource is available in the download options.


Number of the Day Worksheet

Number of the Day Worksheet - Black and White Version

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