Bunny Number Matching Activity

A fun activity for children to use when learning how to connect and match number names, numerals and quantities, including zero, up to 10.


Bunny Number Matching Activity

  • Ideal to use in numeracy group rotations or as a warm up activity.
  • Children can work in small groups or independently to match the number words, numerals and quantities up to 10.

How to use this resource

  • Print and laminate the bunny setting template.
  • Print, then individually cut and laminate the bunnies, the carrot cards, and the number word cards.
  • Children match up the numeral on the bunny’s t-shirt, the corresponding carrot card and the number word card.
  • Children place the matching cards on the bunny setting template.
  • What would come next – Children could pick a number card and make collections of other objects.


Black and White - D'Nealian

Black and White - NSW Foundation

Black and White - QLD Beginners

Black and White - SA Beginners

Black and White - Sassoon Infant

Black and White - TAS Beginners

Black and White - Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

Black and White - Zaner-Bloser

Black and White - Comic Sans

Colour - Comic Sans

Colour - D'Nealian

Colour - NSW Foundation

Colour - QLD Beginners

Colour - SA Beginners

Colour - Sassoon Infant

Colour - TAS Beginners

Colour - Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

Colour - Zaner-Bloser

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