Maths Vocabulary Word Cards

92 Printable Maths Vocabulary Word Cards covering a range of topics in Mathematics.


  • Ideal for literacy and maths reference and activities, as well as classroom bulletin boards and displays.

How to use this resource

  • Print cut and laminate each maths vocabulary card.
  • Use the cards as part of your numeracy display or a classroom activity.
  • As a class, brainstorm more words that could be added to the list.
  • Use the cards as a phonics opportunity for different types of ‘word play‘.

The maths vocabulary words in this resource include:
add, plus, sum, total, minus, subtract, take away, difference, multiply, times, groups of, divide, share, equals, even, odd, pair, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, less than, greater than, pattern, sequence, share, groups, set, count, quantity, amount, calculate, digits, numbers, numeral, place value, base blocks, single, double, triple dozen, few, many, most, least, more, less, once, twice, increase, decrease, fraction, half, quarter, third, whole, corner, line, row, curve, angle, spiral, round, straight, edge, centre/center, brackets, graph, grid, balance, measure, estimate, capacity, height, weight, volume, gram, kilogram, millimetre, centimetre, metre, kilometre, millilitre, litre, length, width, cents, dollars, chance, dice, digital, problem, zero – twenty, ten/twenty – one hundred, first – twentieth, ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions


- Comic Sans

- D'Nealian

- NSW Foundation

- QLD Beginners

- SA Beginners

- Sassoon Infant

- TAS Beginners

- Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

- Zaner-Bloser

US Spelling - Comic Sans

US Spelling - Sassoon Infant

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