My Measurement Alien

A fun measurement activity for children to use when exploring heights and widths.


  • Ideal to use in the classroom as part of a fun measurement lesson.
  • Children create their own alien then measure and record its different heights and widths.

How to use this resource

  • Print a set of the My Measurement Alien worksheets for each child in the class.
  • Ask the children to choose one alien body, a set of eyes, feet arms and a mouth to create their own alien.
  • After the children have made their alien, ask them to measure the different heights and widths of the different features that make up their alien.
  • What comes next? – Encourage the children to compare the measurements of their alien with a partner.

Comments & Reviews

  • Looks really good. I will cut them up so the students only see the parts. More fun finding out what they will look like as a whole alien.

    Comment by Ruth on March 4, 2018 at 7:49 am

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