Monster Pattern Strips

A set of pattern strip cards for children to identify and continue a variety of simple patterns.


  • Ideal to use as an independent activity or as a numeracy group task.
  • Children use the strips to identify and continue simple patterns.

How to use this resource:

  • Print each sheet of four patterns and the set of rectangle answer cards.
  • Individually, cut out the pattern strips and rectangle answer cards.
  • Laminate each pattern strip and rectangle answer card.
  • Provide each child or group with a copy of all the pattern strips and answer cards.
  • Children look at the pattern, identify the missing element and place the answer card in the empty box to continue the pattern.
  • A set of answer sheets has been provided for children to check their own workbook.

What’s next?:

  • Encourage children to use counters to continue each pattern.
  • Ask the children to draw the pattern into their workbooks.
  • Invite the children to create their own monster pattern using the answer cards.

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