How Do You Feel? Poster

A poster to assist students when learning to identify and acknowledge their feelings.

Feelings on a Stick Template

Six common feelings and emotions expressed on boy and girl face templates, to use when learning about communicating and managing emotions.

Bucket Fillers – Concept Book

Concept Book – Bucket Fillers – Children write and draw how a friend fills their bucket.

Getting to Know Each Other Yes or No Questions

K-3 Printable Reading Games and Activities – Yes or No Questions for children to read and answer.

If You’re Happy and You Know It

Sentence and word-building activities using the popular rhyme: If You’re Happy and You Know It

Classroom Inspiration Posters

11 x Posters to encourage teamwork and acceptance of others in your classroom

28 x Quotes for Children

28 Quotes for Children These quotes for children are a great way to spark conversation about feelings and ideas. They also can provide for a myriad of literacy activities (see suggestions below)

A Good Listener Posters

A Good Listener listens with their eyes, their, ears and their heart Posters for your classroom to promote listening skills.

24 Better Words for Sad – Vocabulay Cards

24 Better Words for Sad. Word cards ready to print for writing reference, discussion and display.

24 Better Words for Happy – Vocabulay Cards

24 Better Words for Happy. Bright word cards ready to print for writing reference and discussion.

5 x Printable Manners Charts

5 Everyday Manners Charts for Children – includes Pardon, Please, Thank You, You’re Welcome and Excuse Me.

46 Feelings and Emotions School Clipart

46 Feelings Emotions images to download – 23 different emotions.

Free Self Esteem in the Classroom Posters

3 x self-esteem and team building posters to use in the classroom.

Printable Goal Thermometer

Printable Goal Thermometer – Includes loads of coloured indicator arrows and encouragement flashes..

27 Feelings Words

Make up a Feelings Chart using this list of feelings emotions words, includes feeling faces.

FREE – I Am Clever Concept Book

Concept Books Self Esteem – ‘I am very clever…’ – Ideal for self-esteem activities and classroom team building. Children draw and illustrate their concept book.

My Feelings – Concept Book

My Feelings – Children write and illustrate a printable book about their feelings.

54 Positive Words And Phrases

54 Positive Words – Ideal for classroom team building activity, literacy games and classroom reference