Bucket Fillers Concept Book


You Fill My Bucket – A little concept book for Bucket Fillers.

  • Thanks to Mandy for this great little suggestion.
  • You fill my bucket because…
  • Great as a whole class A3 size book with each child adding a page about another so there is a page about each child.  Title could be 3BP, You Fill My Bucket and picture of whole class in the front bucket image.
  • OR as Mandy suggests – each week all children (perhaps as a literacy station activity) write a book about the ‘Star Student of the Week’ – Child’s name goes on front title eg.  Susan, You Fill My Bucket –  with a drawing of that child within the bucket image.  By the end of the year – each child has a class set of books written just for them – love this idea – thanks Mandy.


Bucket Fillers - D'Nealian

Bucket Fillers - Zaner-Bloser

Bucket Fillers Ezy Print - D'Nealian

Bucket Fillers Ezy Print - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • I love Mandy’s idea of each child writing a book about the ‘Star of the Week’ and what makes them special.
  • Start with a whole class discussion about the ‘Star of the Week’  and what strengths they bring to the class (it can be just a tiny tiny thing – there are always positive things to be found even with the most challenging kiddies)
  • Brainstorm, discuss and model writing those positive attributes for children to refer to when writing their little books.
  • The ‘Star of the Week’  takes all the book home to show their family – how special !

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