Printable Goal Thermometer

Printable Goal Thermometer – Includes loads of coloured indicator arrows and encouragement flashes..

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Printable Goal Thermometer

A Member Suggestion – Thanks !

  • Space to write in goal / outcome at top, space to fill in mini goals along the way …..
  • Use as goal charts for…..
  • Whole Class Goals (enlarge onto A3 or poster size)
  • Group / Team Goals
  • Individual Goals (pop a copy onto take-home reader file/homework
  • Includes.
  • Fully coloured / Black and White / Percentages / No percentages / Loads of Encouragement flashes and Arrow indicators….


Download Goal Thermometer Flashes And Indicators

Download Goal Thermometer No Percentages

Download Goal Thermometer With Percentages

Goal Thermometer Flashes

Goal Thermometer No Percentages

Goal Thermometer With Percentages

How to use this teaching resource

  • Thanks to one of our Teacher Members for this great suggestion.
  • Ideal to keep as A4 or smaller for individual goals – or enlarge for whole class / school / group goals.
  • Space at top of sheet to write the end goal for example : We Know all List 1 Sight Words – Free Time on Friday…../ or $300 for Flood Appeal
  • Space to write in the steps achieved along the way if you want to.
  • Use the many flashes and arrows to glue on or blu tac words of encouragement and little mini goals along the way..
  • Could use on things like the front of take-home readers / homework and each time a reader is finished – a section is coloured in.
  • Useful for individual behaviour programs.

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