Classroom Calendar – Construction Theme

A cute classroom calendar in our construction theme.

Classroom Calendar – Rainbow Boho – Blue

A beautiful classroom calendar in our blue rainbow boho theme.

Classroom Calendar – Rainbow Boho – White

A gorgeous classroom calendar in our white rainbow boho theme.

Winter – Concept Book

A printable concept book for children to identify the characteristics of winter and become authors and illustrators of their own little books.

Days of the Week Display

A bright display for children to refer to during morning routines or when learning the days of the week.

Printable Blank Calendars

Printable calendars in colour and black and white – can use any year as children can fill in dates and year.

Months Of The Year Cards

Months of the Year Cards – Print onto coloured card and laminate for long term use. 2 different sizes.

Printable Days Of The Week Cards

Days of the Week Cards – Print onto different coloured card then laminate. Ideal for routines, morning calendar time.

Printable Ordinal Numbers – 1st to 31st

A set of ordinal number cards to use in the classroom for a range of number activities.

Morning Calendar Charts

Calendar Time Charts INCLUDES: Re-useable Calendar Today is:……. The Date is:…… The Month is:…… The Year is:…. ___ / ___ / ___ The weather is:….. The temperature is:……… Yesterday was:…….. Tomorrow will be:……… Daily Message:……. Can be laminated, then write-on / wipe off, and/or use our days of week, months of year, ordinal number, weather […]

Days and Weather Chart

Days of the Week and Weather Chart Spinners A4 size is ideal for small groups and on the wall or fridge at home. Enlarge to A3 or poster size for bigger groups. Ideal for simple calendar time. Matching Weather chart symbols, and Weather Words.

Weather Chart Images

Weather Chart Symbols – Images for Weather Reporting – Use in IWB or other teaching documents.

4 x Individual Seasons Posters

Seasons Charts – Wording and months appropriate to AUS, US and UK seasons.

30 Days Has September Rhyme

A printable rhyme to use in the classroom when learning how many days are in each month.

Days Of The Week – Concept Book

Days of the Week Book – Children think about routines and time as they write and draw in their own weekly routines.

Yes or No Calendar Questions

K-3 Printable Reading Games and Activities – Yes or No Questions for children to read and answer.