33 Weather Vocabulary Words


33 Weather Vocabulary Words

Weather Words List

cloudy, sunny, rainy, windy, hail, snow, dew, frost, overcast, forecast, hurricane, temperature, fine, tornado, storm, atmosphere, thunder, lightning, fog, meteorologist, showers, rainbow, gale, barometer, flood, drought, sleet, humidity, blizzard, climate, cyclone, degrees, warning

Plus spare blank cards to write your own words.


Weather - D'Nealian

Weather - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Focus on the ‘y’ ending, as weather words have a lot of these.
  • Again, these theme words are a fantastic way of teaching ‘phonic blends’ – children can circle and colour in all the different sounds, for example, colour all of the ‘ai’ sounds red, the ‘y’ sounds green.  Children have a ball with ‘playing with words’.  Use our phonics printables to colour code the blends within the words.
  • Brainstorm other words with the same phonic blends as a class.
  • Brainstorm more weather words as a class or in groups.   Extra blank cards are available with the above download.  They can be printed out and extra words can be written on to add to this theme group.
  • Use a weather chart to talk about the weather each day.
  • You can print these words as a smaller size by using the reduction settings on your printer and just printing off black and white copies.  These small sizes are great for cut and paste activities such as cutting out the words and gluing them in alphabetical order, by number of letters or by types of weather groups.
  • Learn about different types of clouds – add them to your word list.  Then make up an ‘Interesting facts about ‘clouds’ booklet as a class using an A3 version of  ‘Interesting facts about……’ template.  Illustrate the pages using cotton balls to represent the different types of clouds.
  • Read the story ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ – find weather words within it.
  • The Magic School Bus – ‘Wet All Over’ is really good for explaining the water cycle and clouds.
  • Print out the colourful full copies, glue them onto bright backing card – laminate and make Weather Watch Wall Display.  These are then ready for children to refer to during writing sessions.
  • When not being used on a wall display,  place them in labelled boxes, or hanging pockets for continued use and reference.
  • Make a Weather Alphabet Book using the template from Printable Alphabet Book – children place a weather word on each alphabet page.  (Don’t forget to do a large A3 size whole class one and pop it in the class library also)
  • Make a jigsaw puzzle.  Make up a second set of cards, cut the picture section off using a zigzag or curve cut like a jigsaw (you can even cut through the word to make it more of a challenge)  Children then match the 2 or more pieces.   Also great for breaking up syllables or blends within words.

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