Days and Weather Chart


Days of the Week and Weather Chart Spinners

  • A4 size is ideal for small groups and on the wall or fridge at home.
  • Enlarge to A3 or poster size for bigger groups.
  • Ideal for simple calendar time.
  • Matching Weather chart symbols, and Weather Words 


Weather Chart

Weather Chart (Sample)

How to use this teaching resource

Instructions for all spinners

  • Basically they are best laminated.  Also it is pretty important to use a hole punch to make the holes in the arrows.  This helps it to turn smoothly.
  • My spinners have worked well in the past with just laminated paper, but I think it is better to either print them straight onto card, or glue onto card before laminating.
  • Cut the arrows shorter if you like.

***Press split pin tightly for these so that the arrows stay in place.

Comments & Reviews

  • Dear Donna! I really appreciate your efforts and great work you did for us “parents and teachers”. This site provides all the learning activities that one can use for their kids. I really love your worksheets with beautiful images along useful learning material.
    The most interesting thing is the guest free access.

    Thanks A lot for your great help!

    Comment by alia zeba on April 3, 2016 at 7:01 am

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