Phonics Resources

Phonics Resources – includes printable phonic sounds charts, phonics games, activities and word cards.

New Teaching Resources

Word Families Short Vowel I

Word Families – Short Vowel i 39 Words / ‘ick’, ‘ish’, ‘ink’, ‘ill’, ‘ing’ Loads of layout choices…..just words, just pictures, one letter missing etc…. We have made these quite big (4 to an A4 page) so that you can choose to keep them this way or just adjust your printer settings to print 2 […]

200 CVC Words and Pictures

CVC Words – 200 printable word families cards – ideal for phonics games, reference and activities

Printable Letter Tiles – Alphabet and Phonics Sounds

Printable Phonics letter tiles for 28 initial consonant blends and 18 final consonant blends.

Yes Or No Alphabet and Phonics Word Sorts

Yes or No Word Sorts – Word attribute question cards – children answer the question and place words in the yes or no pile.

Initial Consonant Blends Charts

Printable Consonant Blends – Picture charts and matching words for initial blends.

Make a Word Cards – Letters and Sounds

Phonics activity make-a-word cards using printable alphabet letters, consonant and vowel graphemes, and beginning and final blends.

Phonics Desk Charts

Phonic Sounds Desk Charts – One desk chart each for vowel and consonant sound/phoneme with associated letter patterns /graphemes.

514 x Matching Phonics Words

Phonics Words Cards – over 1000 words matching our phonics charts – words to match 127 different graphemes – colour coded.

128 x Vowel and Consonant Sounds Printable Phonics Charts

Phonics Printables, Colour Coded A5 Size Phonics Sounds and Graphemes Charts to print with phonics lesson plans and ideas for use.

Condensed Phonics Charts

44 vowel and consonant CONDENSED charts displaying each of the 44 sound (phonemes) and related letter patterns (graphemes).

Word Detective Pyramid

A worksheet to assist children with pulling apart words into their letters, syllables and sounds/graphemes.

Rhyming Picture Cards

Rhyming Picture Cards – Ideal as a literacy groups rhyming activity. Can be cut up into a puzzle – 40 different rhyming patterns with 3 words each.

Word Families

Printable word families cards – ideal for phonics games, reference and activities

Vowels Bunting Chart

Vowels Bunting Chart

Chart reads – Every syllable has a vowel / a / e / i / o / u / and sometimes (y)

Includes examples of a short vowel word and a long vowel word.