Word Families Short Vowel I

Printable word families short vowel i cards – ideal for phonics games, reference and activities

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Word Families – Short Vowel i

39 Words / ‘ick’, ‘ish’, ‘ink’, ‘ill’, ‘ing’
  • Loads of layout choices:
    • words only
    • word and pictures
    • pictures only (space to write words)
    • beginning letters and pictures
    • missing middle letter and pictures
    • missing final sounds and pictures
    • blank page for additional words you would like to add.
  • We have made these quite big (4 to an A4 page) so that you can choose to keep them this way or just adjust your printer settings to print 2 or more to a page – the smaller sizes are ideal for at desk work – the larger sizes are great for display and desk work.
  • For ease of downloading, all the layout choices have been put in one PDF.


- Comic Sans

- D'Nealian

- NSW Foundation

- NZ Print

- Open Dyslexic

- QLD Beginners

- SA Beginners

- Sassoon Infant

- TAS Beginners

- UK Cursive

- Vict. Pre-cursive (WA/NT/VIC)

- Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Make up laminated sets of smaller sized words with the missing letters – use these sets for children to fill in the missing letters using whiteboard markers – just focus on certain short vowel sets, or throw all the sets together for follow-up reinforcement and practice – great as a literacy group activity
  • Another variation of above idea is children copy the laminated words – include the missing letters and draw a picture in theirliteracy books.
  • Laminate the pictures and cut them up for rhyme sort games and activities, match them with the plain word cards – play ‘concentration’ with the pictures and the plain word cards. Give each child a word card and a picture and they have to find theirmatching partners.
  • Sort the cards and pictures according to exact word family, or word family vowel eg.. all ‘ing’ words, or all ‘i’ words
  • Children use the printable alphabet letter tiles to make up and glue together the word family words.
  • Make up customised phonics flip charts to match each word family – make these words on your flip charts..
  • Laminate and cut the pictures off the picture cards using a ‘puzzle’ cut – children match words to pictures.
  • Laminate and cut off the word family endings using ‘puzzle’ cuts – children then match the pieces to ‘re-make’ the words..
  • Children classify mixed up word cards into word family categories.
  • Use the activities from ‘101 Ways to Use Word Cards / Flashcards‘ with these words…eg. how many times can you find these words in books around the room etc…..

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