Yes Or No Alphabet and Phonics Word Sorts

Yes or No Word Sorts – Word attribute question cards – children answer the question and place words in the yes or no pile.


(Sample) Download

General (Sample) Download

Grapheme Word Sorts - D'Nealian

Grapheme Word Sorts - Zaner-Bloser

Word Sorts 1 - D'Nealian

Word Sorts 1 - Zaner-Bloser

Yes No Standup Cards

Yes No Standup Cards

Yes No Standup Cards (Sample)

Yes No Standup Cards (Sample)

How to use this teaching resource

  • Yes or No Activities is one our most favoured resource. You can use these word sort cards as a ‘grab and go’ independent activity or choose the specific questions and word cards which are appropriate for your learning objectives.
  • Ideal for whole class, literacy group or independent reading activities
  • The phonics word sorts questions relate to our phonics charts.
  • Again, just use the ones appropriate to your style of phonics program.
  • For example, if you are covering the basic short vowels – just pick out the short vowel question cards and use with the cvc word cards, or any word cards for older children.
  • For example, if you are working on the long vowel ‘ai’ sound – just use the ‘ai’ question card and any word card set or specific word cards from the phonics words sets.
  • 1. Choose ONE YES/NO QUESTION CARD – use that 1 question with a group of word cards to answer yes or no for each word.
  • 2. Choose ONE WORD CARD AT A TIME – use one word card at a time to answer yes or no for each question.

1.word-sorts-4             2.word-sorts-4

  • For whole class work – blu-tac or pin cards on the ‘board’. Children then come out and take turns moving the cards to the appropriate yes or no position.
  • Have a number of laminated ‘yes’ ‘no’ cards and question cards ready to go – children can grab a set of words and a set of questions and yes no cards.
  • We have included one spare page for you to write in your own questions.

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