Quiet Time Activities for the Classroom

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could ALL have nap time? If you’re teaching in a pre-k classroom up to kindergarten, foundation or prep, chances are that you have nap time in your room! Naptime is so important for little minds to rest and recover after a busy day of learning and playing. But, no […]

Creating Little Book Worms in K-3

There is nothing better than burying your head in a nice book, in my opinion! One of the best things about teaching is when you see your students’ reading develop over time. They go from letter-sound recognition to word decoding, and finally comprehending passages of text that opens their minds up to the world in […]

Easy Science Experiment for Kids | Will It Sink or Will It Float?

Did you know that National Science Week is just around the corner? That’s right! August 10th – 18th, 2019 is National Science Week, a wonderful week of celebrating all things science-related. Teaching science in the early years can be tricky – but important! While your students are still learning about the world, helping them to […]