Creating Little Book Worms in K-3

There is nothing better than burying your head in a nice book, in my opinion!

One of the best things about teaching is when you see your students’ reading develop over time. They go from letter-sound recognition to word decoding, and finally comprehending passages of text that opens their minds up to the world in a way that would have been impossible if they hadn’t learned how to read!

For that reason, developing a love for reading is incredibly important from an early age. Events such as Book Week in Australia go a long way to helping our students figure out that books (and reading) can be one of life’s greatest joys.

How to Encourage a Love for Reading With Your Students

To encourage a love for reading in your students, there are many things you can do.

  • Provide a wide range of books in your classroom, covering all topics and abilities.
  • Read to your class for pleasure, not just learning (they’re learning without even realising it!).
  • Be patient with your students and celebrate the small wins. When reading is a chore it is not going to develop into something that is done for pleasure.
  • Encourage your class families to read to their children every night.

Resources to Promote a Reading

We have just published a wonderful Book Review Worksheet to help your students share their thoughts and feelings about the book they are currently reading, just in time for Book Week. Whether your class write a review on the whole-class novel, or on a book of their choice, there’s sure to be some great opinions to be heard!

Resources to Promote a Love For Reading

For the younger learners, My Reading Book Concept Book is perfect for them to start their book review journey.

What are you doing to encourage reading in your classroom? Comment below!



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