Easy Science Experiment for Kids | Will It Sink or Will It Float?

Did you know that National Science Week is just around the corner?

That’s right! August 10th – 18th, 2019 is National Science Week, a wonderful week of celebrating all things science-related.

Teaching science in the early years can be tricky – but important! While your students are still learning about the world, helping them to explore and form their own hypothesis and conclusions about the things they come in to contact with is a great way to foster a love for learning and experimentation. Not only is science a great way to teach your students about the world around them, but it’s also a fabulous opportunity to teach them about failure, and trial and error.

An Easy Science Experiment – Sink or Float

Our Sink or Float Poster and T-Chart is a great activity for students to dip their toes into the world of scientific experiments!

Sink or Float? An Easy Science Experiment for Kids

Important questions to discuss with your class during this experiment include:

  • What makes these objects the same? What makes them different?
  • Which do you think will sink and which do you think will float? Why?
  • Why do you think that object floated/sank?
  • (If possible) What do you think will happen if we cut it in half and try again?

How to use this resource

  1. Prepare the area to be used for this investigation. Fill a large container with water and assemble a collection of objects for students to experiment with e.g. paper, plastic spoon, metal spoon, key, sponge, apple etc.
  2. Display the Sink or Float Poster.
  3. Use the questions on the poster as prompts for discussion. Don’t forget to ask some of your own!
  4. As you drop objects into the water, ask students to draw or write the names of the objects in the appropriate columns of the T chart. Alternatively, the chart could be laminated and the actual objects placed on the chart in the appropriate columns.
  5. Sit down with your students to discuss your findings!

Have a look at our other science resources and have some fun with science in your class today!


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  • For this experiment, you will need a few different items to see if items sink or float. You will need a large bowl, several different objects (such as a small ball, a toy car, a Lego block, a feather, etc.), and some water.
    Fill the bowl with water and place the different objects one at a time into the bowl. Observe if the objects sink or float. Make a chart or a graph to display the results. For example, a chart could look like this:
    Object: Ball | Floats
    Object: Car | Sinks
    Object: Lego | Sinks
    Object: Feather | Floats
    Once you have completed your experiment, talk about what you observed. Which objects sank and which ones floated? What could be the possible explanations for why some items sank and others floated? Was there a pattern among the items that floated and sank? Discuss your findings with someone else.

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  • It’s wonderful that you’re promoting science education in such an interactive and engaging way. By nurturing a love for learning and exploration at a young age, you’re setting a strong retro bowl foundation for these students’ future understanding and appreciation of science.

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  • National Science Week is indeed a fantastic opportunity to engage students in exploring and appreciating the wonders of science. The Sink or Float experiment you mentioned is a classic and easy-to-understand activity that can spark curiosity and critical thinking in young learners. It’s a great way to introduce them to the scientific method and encourage them to form hypotheses, make immaculate grid observations, and draw conclusions.

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