Quiet Time Activities for the Classroom

Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could ALL have nap time?

If you’re teaching in a pre-k classroom up to kindergarten, foundation or prep, chances are that you have nap time in your room!

Naptime is so important for little minds to rest and recover after a busy day of learning and playing. But, no matter how hard you try, sometimes you have kids that just won’t settle.

Some student don't wait to sleep

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These children aren’t being naughty, but their busy little minds just won’t let them go to sleep!

So, how can you occupy the ‘awake’ children during quiet time?

If these children are not sleeping, then their brains are hungry for other things. Rather than the constant battle to keep them lying down, quiet and not causing a fuss to wake the other children, provide them with something they would benefit from!

Audio Books

Setting up a quiet area where a child can listen to an audiobook is a great way to occupy them, while not having to take your attention away from the other students. Even better, if you have a copy of the book then they can read along themselves.

Quiet Construction

Set up a quiet construction or play area for your students so that they can be creative without much fuss and noise.

Young girl playing blocks during quiet time

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Mindful Colouring or Drawing

Why not make a quiet time activity that helps your student fine-motor skills? Colouring in or drawing is a great way to practice fine motor skills and entertain restless students.

Activities for Quiet Time - fine motor practice


What are your favourite ways to occupy students during quiet time?

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