Word Detective Pyramid



Word Detective Pyramid

Word Detective Pyramid (Sample)

How to use this teaching resource

  • Print and Laminate large A4 (or enlarge to A3) to use for whole class practice or for use in small group work.
  • The method used here – needs to be taught explicitly with lots of practice and modelling – soon you will have your kiddies knowing exactly what to do as it becomes part of their ‘word play’ each week.
  • Pop each of your focus vocab/theme or sounds/grapheme related words for the week into the pyramids to ‘pull out’ the syllables and sounds. (even sight words can work)
  • Another lovely idea is for each child to do up a large A4 sheet using their NAME – great for display.
  • Relate the sounds / graphemes ‘pulled out’ to phoneme / grapheme charts.
  • Don’t hold back with the words – find some really adventurous words and go for it – the children love doing the really ‘hard’ ones. (make it fun for children to ‘bring in’ really ‘hard’ words from home each day)
  • You could make up a whole set of pre-written pyramids if you like to display certain words. (laminate after you have written on them)
  • Use the bottom row (sounds / graphemes) for children to find the appropriate grapheme tile and glue the word together using these sound / grapheme tiles and the bottom row as a guide.



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