Printable Number Line

Printable Number Line with numerals and words from 0 – 124. Odd and Even Numbers colour coded with large print.


Printable Number Line 0 – 124

  • Includes numerals and words.
  • Ideal as a large print number line for student reference around the wall, or cut the numerals and words up for a matching game.
Printable Number Line 1

Printable Number Line 1


Download Editable Number Line Template Word Document

Printable Number Line 1 - D'Nealian

Printable Number Line 1 - Zaner-Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Cut off the blank space at bottom, laminate and place in a line across your classroom wall.
  • Cut across the middle, laminate and just have the numerals showing in a line across your classroom wall – ideal for teacher / student reference.
  • Make your printable number line as long or as short as you like depending on the ages of your children.
  • Cut up all squares and laminate – becomes a numeral / word matching activity
  • Ideal for maths ‘warm up’ activities. For example refer to the number line when practicing counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s.
  • Great for introductory addition and subtraction – start on a number – count on or count back (use a whiteboard marker to mark the ‘jumps’ or counts.
  • Circle groups of numbers using whiteboard markers – eg. how many groups of 2 up to number 20?
  • Play ‘missing numbers’ blu tac blank squares onto the number line while the children close their eyes – they then tell you which numbers are missing from the line.
  • Use on the floor for children to make lines using concrete materials (counters, plastics shapes etc) under the numbers
  • Children place the number line in order on the floor.
  • Use as a reference for number ‘language’ – between, bigger than, smaller than, odd, even, entry points – eg. we have 23 apples – start at 23 etc,
  • Play ‘dice games’ using the number line on the floor. Make up certain rules, for example, when land on odd number – more ahead 3 spaces, or for older children – when land on a multiple of 5 – miss a turn etc.
  • Reduce the printable number line is size by choosing printing option 4 in 1 or smaller and place on children’s desks using contact.

Comments & Reviews

  • Use the editable number line to make a personalised desktop reference for children who reverse or incorrectly form numerals. If its laminated they can even trace over it.

    Comment by Cecile Sjardin on March 5, 2016 at 12:10 pm

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