Picture Bingo - 2D Shapes

Picture bingo using 2D shapes to help with visual recognition.

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Use this fun teaching resource when learning to visually recognise and connect pictures.

Three sets of calling cards have been provided; a set without words, a set with words and the 2D shape and a set with just the words, so you can differentiate the activity.

How to use this teaching resource:

  • Print out the bingo cards on thicker cardboard for added durability.
  • Print the set of calling cards you are going to use and cut them.
  • Decide as a group if ‘bingo’ will be the whole card, a vertical, a horizontal or a diagonal line.
  • Place the calling cards face down and turn one over at a time.
  • Say the name of the 2D shape and show the picture so students can connect the visual representations.
  • Students place a counter over the picture of the 2D shape that has just been called if they have it on their bingo card.
  • Students can call out ‘BINGO’ when they have covered the appropriate number of 2D shape pictures.


2-D Shapes - U.S. Letter Paper Size

2D Shapes - A4 Paper Size

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