Interesting Facts Concept Book

Science for Children – Children use this concept book to investigate interesting facts. Ideal for early reporting and gathering information.

Concept Books – Interesting Facts about…

  • Early Science Reporting
  • Interesting Facts about………..
  • Children become Authors and Illustrators
  • See below for more ideas for use…..


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Sassoon Infant

Zaner Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • *
  • *  These are great to use with any subject matter and an ideal start to learning to find and gather information.
  • *  Each page could be completed in groups with 2 or 3 facts per page.
  • *  Each child could be given just one page to complete one interesting fact – then all pages can be put together to create a class book.
  • *  Instead of making a book – enlarge the pages and make up an Interesting Facts display about a certain topic – have the pages available for children to grab and write on whenever they come across an interesting fact and add it to the display.
  • *  You could also use this idea for Interesting Facts about a character in a book also.

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