I Have a Little (NOUN) Concept Book

I Have a Little (Noun) – Children author and illustrate this printable book.

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How to prepare this teaching resource:

  • Select the colour or black and white version which are both available in the downloaded PDF.
  • Select the school font and paper size you would like to use from the download options below.
  • Provide a copy for each student.
  • Cut the page in half at the horizontal line and staple the pages together at the edge to make a small book.

How to use this teaching resource:

  • Students are required to make up their own words to create their own version of the poem, I Have a Little Frog.
  • They can draw pictures in the spaces provided that correspond to each sentence.
  • Use the I Have A Little Frog Poem and discuss rhyme, nouns and adjectives with this poem.
  • Make a class version of the concept book and then brainstorm as a group different words and/or themes for the children’s poems.
  • Use the Dolch Nouns Word Cards to assist when creating the poems.
  • Encourage rhyme and use of adjectives to make it extra funny and to practise word/sentence skills as well.

Differentiation Ideas:

  • Students requiring additional support: re-create the original poem and illustrate it. Provide them with a copy of the original poem – I Have A Little Frog Poem
  • Extending Students: Make each of the sentences in their own poem follow a rhyming pattern. Provide students with particular extending vocabulary to be used in their poems.

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