33 Gardening Vocabulary Words

Gardening with Children – great for Gardening and plant lesson plans and themes, classroom bulletin boards, reading and writing reference.


33 Gardening Vocabulary Word Cards

  •  Includes PARTS OF A PLANT words and pictures to match together to form a plant eg.
    • roots
    • stem
    • leaves
    • flowers
    • fruit
  •  Includes basic TYPES OF PLANTS categories…
    • ferns
    • mosses
    • conifers
    • flowering

Gardening Words List

compost, conifers, dig, ferns, fertiliser, flowering, flowers, fork, fruit, garden, germination, gloves, grow, hoe, hose, leaves, mosses, mulch, photosynthesis, plants, rake, roots, seeds, shears, shovel, soil, sprout, stem, sunlight, trowel, water/rain, weeds, wheelbarrow

Plus spare blank cards to write your own words…


Comic Sans


Sassoon Infant

Zaner Bloser

How to use this teaching resource

  • Sort gardening words into categoriesTypes of Plant (ferns, flowering, conifers, mosses)Parts of a Plant (flowers, roots, stem, fruit, leaves)

    Gardening Tools (trowel, fork, gloves, hoe, hose, rake, shovel, shears, wheelbarrow)

    Plant Food (compost, fertiliser, sunlight, water/rain, soil)

  • Loads of phonics opportunities with these words – particularly -double letters  (mosses, roots, seeds, weeds, wheelbarrow)ea / ee (shears, leaves, weeds, seeds, wheelbarrow )

    ow / ou  (sprout, flowers, trowel)

  • Place the PARTS OF A PLANT words together so that the pictures make up a full image of a plant.
  • DON’T FORGET TO PLAY WITH THE WORDS – photosynthesis – is such a cool word – loads of syllables, rolls on the tongue, smaller words within etc.
  • Works well with concept book – Seed Diary  and   In the Garden I might find….

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