Clock Face Template

Clock Face Template – Color coded minutes and hours. Includes blank clock face, enlarge to posters size, reduce to make printable clock faces sheets.

Printable Clock Face Template

  • Colour coded minutes and hours.
  • Can easily print to chart size using poster print options.
  • Whiteboard marker used for digital reading at bottom
  • 3 different layouts. (see below)



Clock Face (Sample)

Printable Clock Faces

How to use this teaching resource

  • Use the poster 2×2 or 3×3 setting on your printer to print as a poster.  Print onto white or coloured card for the hands to sit nicely then laminate.
  • You can also use the reduce printing option (2 or more to a page) to make up a page of printable clock faces to use for individual worksheets.
  • Use the full A4 template or the blank clock face template for children to make their own clocks.
  • Make up and laminate 6-8 A4 color versions  to have in the maths center for children to use with whiteboard markers.
  • Use the clock to represent the time for the next daily event.  For example, during the morning welcome session set the clock for morning recess time.  Throughout the morning, refer to a real clock to keep checking how much time until morning recess.  Refer to 1 hour before the set time, half an hour before the set time, 20 minutes to go, 10 minutes, 5 minutes etc.
  • Set up a timer to go every 5 mins, half hour, whatever time concept you want to focus on.  Each time the timer goes – one child changes the hands on the clock.  This is a great fun activity to do every now and then.  Also helps to understand length of time.

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