Printable Addition Equation Cards

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 Addition Equation Cards

  • Not just addition worksheets!


Addition Equations (Sample)

How to use this teaching resource


  • Use the addition language cards (add on) before moving on to the addition symbol cards.
  • Print and laminate for long term use.  Print on to different coloured card to separate levels, or processes, for example, subtractionmultiplicationdivision.  Have them all set up in containers for children or teachers to grab at any time.
  • This resource also includes spare blank cards for you to write on extra number sentences.
  • OK, these cards are then great for all sorts of addition games and activities.  They are particularly useful as a ‘constant’ during daily maths activity / task time.
  • Use the laminated number cards to represent the final answers to the number sentences.
  • Make smaller copies for children to cut and paste into their maths books.  Children then draw a pictorial representation of each number sentence.
  • Use with our Math Activities Baseboards Kits.
  • Children find all the number sentences which equal a particular number.  Use the numeral cards – choose a numeral, children then find all the equation cards which equal this numeral.
  • Use objects, counters, anything really to represent the number sentences.  Here are a some more examples….
  • – paper plate with 2 different sorts of ‘plastic’ food.
  • – coloured connecting plastic blocks, unifix cubes.
  • – coloured popsticks standing in sand or playdough.
  • – coloured pegs on a sheet of card.
  • – coloured beads threaded on string.
  • – glue coloured toothpicks, pasta, etc. to represent equation cards.
  • – use different stickers to represent equations.
  • – find a domino block which matches the equation
  • Colour in a number line 2 different colours to represent equation card – great for ‘counting on’ strategy… could start with colouring empty boxes without the numbers – then children add the numbers after colouring….


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

3 + 5


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