How to Use our Songs, Poems and Nursery Rhymes

Ideas for Using our Songs Poems and Nursery Rhymes in your K-3 Environment….

We would enjoy learning a new nursery rhyme, poem or song once per week. The following poem/songs/ nursery rhyme activities explain how we went about it……

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How to Use Songs Poems and Rhymes-4

1. Individual Rhyme Books : Songs and Rhymes Books using the first A4 page of our rhymes.Nursery Rhymes 1
  • These are intended for use by the children as a reading reference
  • We would glue these into our special Poems / Songs / Rhymes scrapbook.
  • We would learn the rhyme really well, THEN DO SOME TEACHER DIRECTED ‘PLAYING WITH WORDS’  – eg.  colour all the ‘ee’  patterns red, can you find 3 vowels – put a square around them, find 2 words with 3 syllables – colour them yellow,  4 rhyming words etc etc…. circle and underline sounds, rhyming words, letters,phonic patterns, interesting words and all sorts of things, basically playing around with the words and finding all the patterns within each rhyme –
  • I would also white out some of the words and photocopy this sheet for cloze activities.

    The Wheels on the Bus Rhyme

2. Whole Class Share Reading : …and Large Class Rhyme Big Book – Using the larger copies of our rhymes.

Nursery Rhymes 2

  • These are intended for whole class shared reading.
  • The A4 size may be big enough for you,  you could also enlarge these up to A3 size, glue them onto card, then laminate them so that they are easily seen by the children.
  • Again we would ‘word hunt’.  Whiteboard markers were used to find word patterns, count number of words, phonic patterns, grammar, rhyming words, all sorts of word treasures where found and explored.
  • Our large print collection of nursery rhymes, poems and songs charts were placed on display for reference and then always popped into a class size larger scrapbook or clear folder to be available for silent reading, free reading time.

The Wheels on the Bus Rhyme-2


3. Songs and Rhymes Basket :  Sentence and Word re-build activity – ideal for literacy stations and groups.Nursery Rhymes 3
  • The RE-BUILD pages are intended for use in the Songs and Rhymes Basket.
  • Make up as many of our rhymes as you can in this way and pop each one into a plastic storage bag – glue or sticky tape a full copy of each rhyme onto the outside of the bag for children to refer to when re-building and to refer to when packing up their pieces.
  • This is an ideal independent or group activity for free time, literacy stations as children work their way through all of the rhymes – re-building….
  • The sentence /word blocks are cut up either before or after laminating. Children put the sentences / words back in order to make up the whole nursery rhyme. (SEE PICTURE TO RIGHT)

The Wheels on the Bus Rhyme-4      The Wheels on the Bus Rhyme-4