Quick Father’s Day Activities for the Classroom

This Sunday, September 1st is Father’s Day here in Australia! Are you looking for last-minute, quick and easy Father’s Day activities for your class?

You’ve come to the right place!

We have two meaningful father’s day activities that will help your young students appreciate the father figures in their lives. And the best part, they take no time at all!

Father’s Day Activities – Father’s Day Poem

This Father’s Day poem is an easy-to-memorise treat for dad on Father’s Day!

Father's Day Activities - Poem

Use this poem in a number of different ways!

  • With your students, list all the reasons why we love our dads – this works well with our ‘ Thank You Dad ‘ Father’s Day concept book.
  • This Father’s Day poem could be copied or written into your Father’s Day cards or projects. Encourage your students to change the lines in the second verse to personalise their poem for their fathers.
  • Print and paste onto coloured backing card, laminate and display this poem in your classroom. Add to your class’s poetry collection to compare and contrast with other poems.
  • Print, laminate and cut up ready for children to reconstruct.
  • Don’t forget to really make the most of these poems / songs and put your detective hats on to search for rhyming words, circle phonic sounds, play ‘find the word’ games, look for question marks and other structures, – it’s great fun to find all the word/letter patterns in poems and nursery rhymes.

Father’s Day Activities – Father’s Day Concept Book

Like all of our concept books, this Father’s Day concept book is perfect for introducing young students to the basics of Father’s Day.

Father's Day Activities - Father’s Day concept book

Discuss Father’s Day with your students before completing this activity.

Some questions to ask your students may include:

  • What type of things do your dads do for you?
  • What kinds of things to dads teach us?
  • Why should we be thankful for our dads?
  • If you don’t have a dad, what other special people might you have as father figures?
  • How can we show our dad that we appreciate them?

Once your students have completed the concept book, send it home as a gift for Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the K-3 dads out there!


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