Teaching Resources

Maths Storyboard / Thinkboard Template

Free Printable Maths Storyboard Template / Thinkboard Templates.

Word Spacing Finger Guides

Printable word spacing finger guides. Set of left and right pointed fingers to help children with spaces between words.

Dolch Sight Word Bingo

Dolch Sight Word Bingo – 30 unique printable game boards to match each Dolch Word List. List 1 is free.

My Family – Concept Book

My Family Concept Book – Children write and illustrate about members of their family.

Easter Concept Book

Easter Concept Book – Children write and illustrate / finish the sentence – When I think of Easter, I think of…..

Mini Dolch Sight Words

Dolch Sight Word List Labels for storing your dolch sight words. Take home size dolch sight words to print.

Olympic Games Concept Book

Olympic Games Concept Book – Children write and illustrate about olympic games sports.

Printable Letter Tiles – Beginning Blends

Printable letter tiles for 28 initial consonant blends.

Dolch Sight Words Labels

Dolch Word Lists – 220 Small Printable dolch words. Print onto color coded cardex and laminate.

Yes Or No Alphabet and Phonics Word Sorts

Yes or No Word Sorts – Word attribute question cards using sounds from the alphabet – children answer the question and place words in the yes or no pile.

Initial Consonant Blends Charts

Printable Consonant Blends – Picture charts and matching words for initial blends.

Missing Alphabet Letters

Alphabet Activities – Terrific teaching the alphabet activity – Fill the missing Alphabet Letters using white board markers.

Dolch Sight Words Cards

Dolch Word List – Printable dolch sight words in Large size. Ideal to print on colour coded card.

Matching Alphabet Pictures, Words and Letters

Printable Alphabet Pictures, includes matching Word Cards and Alphabet Letters. Ideal for alphabet matching games.

Make a Word Cards – Letters and Sounds

Phonics activity make-a-word cards using printable alphabet letters, consonant and vowel graphemes, and beginning and final blends.

Printable Alphabet Book

Printable Alphabet Book – Children become Authors and Illustrators.

Phonics Desk Charts

Phonic Sounds Desk Charts – One desk chart each for vowel and consonant sound/phoneme with associated letter patterns /graphemes.

Supersize Dolch Sight Words

Supersize Dolch Sight Words – 220 Words to Print onto A4 colored card and laminate.