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New Teaching Resources

Dolch Sight Words Cards

Dolch Word List – Printable dolch sight words in Large size. Ideal to print on colour coded card.

Matching Alphabet Pictures, Words and Letters

Printable Alphabet Pictures, includes matching Word Cards and Alphabet Letters. Ideal for alphabet matching games.

Make a Word Cards – Letters and Sounds

Phonics activity make-a-word cards using printable alphabet letters, consonant and vowel graphemes, and beginning and final blends.

Printable Alphabet Book

Printable Alphabet Book – Children become Authors and Illustrators.

Phonics Desk Charts

Phonic Sounds Desk Charts – One desk chart each for vowel and consonant sound/phoneme with associated letter patterns /graphemes.

Supersize Dolch Sight Words

Supersize Dolch Sight Words – 220 Words to Print onto A4 colored card and laminate.

514 x Matching Phonics Words

Phonics Words Cards – over 1000 words matching our phonics charts – words to match 127 different graphemes – colour coded.

Printable Alphabet Fish Puzzle

Alphabet Games – Printable alphabet puzzle – Ideal for alphabet activities, alphabet classroom displays and reference.

Large Alphabet Handwriting Sheets

A set of alphabet handwriting sheets ideal for alphabet tracing and fine motor development.

128 x Vowel and Consonant Sounds Printable Phonics Charts

Phonics Printables, Colour Coded A5 Size Phonics Sounds and Graphemes Charts to print with phonics lesson plans and ideas for use.

My Dictionary and Word List

My Dictionary – Most used words for K-3 in dictionary form – Ideal for writing reference and have-a-go word lists

Condensed Phonics Charts

44 vowel and consonant CONDENSED charts displaying each of the 44 sound (phonemes) and related letter patterns (graphemes).

Alphabet Rhyme Charts

Alphabet Poem, Rhyme Charts – Printable charts with handwriting reference lines and initial sounds rhyme on each page.

Probability Spinners

Ideal to use in the numeracy classroom when learning about probability. Children spin the spinners to predict and test the likelihood of different outcomes. How to use this resource Use this resource with or without the spinners. Print 4 spinners to a page then cut and laminate a class set. For each spinner, children predict the results then […]

Domino Maths Fact Families

55 Addition and Subtraction fact families represented by dominoes, fact family triangle, and number sentences.